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Relocate huskies to




Relocation fees covered!

With the help of an amazing supporter covering all relocation fees, we are on a mission to send all our huskies to colder countries.

Please share this page with family and friends living in cooler climates, who have considered adding a dog to their lives and ask them to reach out for more information! All adopters will be screened and chosen as per our adoption process to find the best possible match for both people and dogs. All dogs are microchipped and vaccined, complete health checked and neutered before adoption.

Introducing our huskies to relocate abroad:

Interested? Please reach out for more information or start by filling out our adoption application and we will contact you!

Anyone interested to adopt one of our huskies to a cooler country, please follow these steps: 

  1. Start by filling our adoption form. This is for us to get to know more about you so that we can choose which dog would best fit your life. The more information you provide the better. 

  2. We will contact you. Please be patient as we are only a small team of volunteers working on dog rescue on top of our day jobs. 

  3. Once you and us both are happy with the selected dog, we will start working on how to get the dog to your country. Before this we cannot know when exactly you will be able to get your dog.

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