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Looking to add a furry companion to your family? 

We have more than plenty of dogs dreaming of homes. You can either apply to adopt a dog or to foster. 



  1. Start by filling out our adoption application.

  2. Your application is screened, then approved or declined.

  3. If approved we will find the dog that best fits your life.

  4. Meet and take your doggy home for a 2 week trial period.

  5. Once you, the doggy and we are all happy, we take care of the formalities and you pay the adoption fee.

Why do we ask about you?
Too many pets are abandoned. To prevent these upsetting situations, careful screening is necessary. Though we ask many questions, they help us find the best match possible for you.

Our Adoption fees

  • ​1500 dhs = dogs that have been with us up to 2 years.

  • 1000 dhs = dogs we have cared for 2-4 years.

  • 500 dhs = dogs at our shelter for more than 4 years.

Which dogs are up for adoption?

All our dogs actually, but as we have more than a thousand dogs at the shelter with new rescues coming in daily and some luckily get adopted - it is impossible to display them all. After your application is approved, our adoptions team will find the best candidates for you, but you can also browse our "BOSTER" dogs in boarding in Dubai.



  1. Fill out our foster form.

  2. Your application is screened and approved, or declined.

  3. If approved choose your doggy and take him/her home for a minimum 2 week period.​​

  4. We will try to find a permanent home for the doggy (and secretly hope for a foster fail!).

Fostering is very helpful!

It increases the dogs chances to get adopted once he/she learns how to live in a home. The more committed foster homes we have, the more lives we can save. We will provide our full support and basics: a starter food pack, leash, and bedding if needed.


Which dogs need a foster home?

Ideally all our dogs would live in homes. With over 1300 dogs and new rescues coming in daily, we just don't have the resources to showcase them all. However you can  browse the Boster dogs we have in boarding in Dubai.

For every dog that goes into foster we are able to send another one from the shelter to stay in boarding where they are more likely to find their way to homes. You can also come to our weekly adoption/foster days to meet some of our doggies. Follow our social media channels for the timings!

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