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  • Where does SDC get their dogs and puppies?
    We rescue stray dogs and also abandoned pets from every emirate in the UAE on a daily basis. Municipality also brings us dogs they have caught and some come from people who sadly have no choice but to surrender their dogs, or the owner has died and dogs have no other place to go to. Very often female dogs come in preganant or with puppies and that is why we also have a lot of puppies up for adoption. We do not breed the dogs, we have more than enough poor souls to rehome as it is! › See our available dogs (in boarding/foster)
  • What is the dog ADOPTION process?
    We screen everyone who wants to adopt a dog/puppy. This is purely because we want to have the best match for every adopter and also for every dog to ensure both will be happy. Sadly there are a lot of people who abuse dogs by breeding them, using them as bait or for illegal dog fights, just to mention a few, so thorough screening is necessary. This is why our adoption process begins with you filling the application and us learning about who you are. Please follow these steps: Start by filling out our adoption application. If you already have an interest in a specific dog, mention their name. The more information you give us, the easier it will be to find the perfect match for you 😊 Your application is screened, then approved or declined. If approved we will find the dog that best fits your life and contact you to meet him/her. Meet and take your doggy home for a 2 week trial period. Once you, the doggy and we are all happy, we take care of the formalities and you pay the adoption fee.
  • What is the ADOPTION FEE?
    Our Adoption fees ​1500 dhs = dogs that have been with us up to 2 years. 1000 dhs = dogs we have cared for 2-4 years. 500 dhs = dogs at our shelter for more than 4 years. Adoption fees help cover the medical care of the dog, as well as food, shelter, care and transportation costs. The fee also supports our operations, allowing us to continue our efforts to rescue and rehome dogs. What medical care dogs receive before adoption: Veterinary wellness check Vaccinations Microchip Spaying/neutering* Flea/tick treatment Deworming * puppies might not have been spayed/neutered before adoption due to their age but we require and follow-up to make sure it is done. › More about adoption
  • What is the dog FOSTERING process?
    As we have 1300+ dogs at the shelter, the doggies lives are not ideal. Especially for the dogs that used to be pets living in homes - they are scared and wondering why they ended up there just longing to go back to the comforts of a home. This is why we are constantly looking for temporary foster homes. A dog that is used to living in a home is much easier to adopt and can also take part in the weekly adoption days we organise. Even if you don't have experience of dogs you can foster one and we actually recommend fostering first if you are looking to be a dog parent for the first time, to get an understanding of everyday life with a dog without the life long commitment. FOSTER PROCESS If you are willing to open your home for a furry temporary guest (min 2 weeks), please follow these steps. ​Fill out our foster form. If you have a specific dog/dogs in mind, please mention their names. Your application is screened and approved, or declined. We see too much animal abuse so careful screening is necessary. If approved choose your doggy and take him/her home for a minimum 2 week period. ​​ We will try to find a permanent home for the doggy (and secretly hope for a foster fail! 😂). We will provide our full support and basics: a starter food pack, leash, and bedding if needed. › See more information about fostering
  • What is the BOSTER program?
    We have partnered with Bed&Biscuits Boarding to improve our dogs chances of getting adopted. We send adoptable doggies from the shelter to boarding so they can gain exposure at adoption events and meet potential families in a nice boarding environment in Dubai. The word Boster is short for boarding instead of fostering. So if you cannot foster but want to help - perhaps you can boster a dog, as each of them need a sponsor to allow them to stay in boarding, › See our Boster dogs
  • What DONATIONS / SUPPORT does SDC need?
    Our shelter relies solely on public support to operate. Money is a constant struggle when having to feed 1300+ hungry mouths, pay salaries to the shelter's caretakers, diesel costs to run our generators, water, medicine and vet bills. On top of that we have ongoing maintenance costs and now we also have to build a new shelter which requires a lot of money we don't have. Please donate, every amount helps. PAYPAL: We are also very grateful for food donations which can be dropped off at our adoption day events every Saturday at The Petshop Megastore in Dubai Investments Parks 1. For hotels, restaurants and other corporate food donations we ask to email us. › Read more about supporting us
  • How can I VOLUNTEER?
    We invite you to come help out at the shelter! Notice: Pre-booking required. Here are some of the things you can do: Shelter doggy walks Children's Walk Public Walk Special Needs Walk Pitbull Walk Socializing Grooming › More info about volunteering
  • Reporting a dog in DANGER or HURT?
    If you have found a dog who's life is in danger or has already been hurt, please try to help the poor soul. If an animal is hurt, please take to the nearest vet. They can scan the microchip and possibly identify and contact the owners. If this doesn't help you can email us.
  • Reporting a CAT?
    Although we love cats, we have such limited resources we have to limit our operations to dogs. Please contact one of the numerous cat groups for help.
  • Looking to SURRENDER a dog?
    If you are looking to surrender your dog, we advise you to reconsider once more. Do you really want your pet to move from the comforts of a home to a shelter with thousands of dogs? Is there any other option for you to keep your dog? We can help with relocations, training and many other things if you are willing to give the dog a chance. If you are forced to surrender your dog, please email us and wait until we have the time to get back you.
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