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What We Do - The 4 R's



We rescue doggies from every Emirate in the United Arab Emirates.
We recieve calls to rescue via facebook, instagram and the community rescue hotline.
We have a rescue team of nine, trained and led by Amirah who has rescued over 60% of the doggies in the center.


Most rescues have a story to tell. Abuse, abandonment, starvation, illness. They arrive at the center broken souls, sometimes on the brink of death, full of ticks, sick, aggressive, despondent. Thus begins the journey to rehabilitate. 
Helping doggies to overcome trauma can sometimes take weeks, months and even years. The end goal is for our doggies to live their best life poossible within their capabilities.

Rehoming dogs


Finding a home for every doggy in the shelter is the ultimate goal. For every doggy rehomed there are always doggies waiting to be rescued, to take their place.
However, as a 'No kill' shelter doggies can live their lives in peace until their chance comes to find their fureva home.


The 4 R's cycle starts all over again!

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